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Does Your Child Have A Baby Tooth That's Not Falling Out Naturally? Here's What You Need To Know About Tooth Ankylosis

If one of your child's baby teeth isn't falling out naturally, your child may have tooth ankylosis. A baby tooth with ankylosis is fused to the jawbone, which means that it can't be pushed out by the adult tooth that's growing beneath it. A baby tooth that's not falling out will cause the adult tooth to grow in at the wrong angle. To learn more about tooth ankylosis i

Nutritional IV Therapy

An infusion of nutrients is introduced during an intravenous (IV) therapy session. This type of therapy can be more beneficial than taking vitamins by mouth. Below are some tips that will familiarize you with your care team and prepare you for your first intravenous session. A Private Practice Or A Medical Complex  Nutritional intravenous therapy services may be

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Applying For RECA Benefits

You might know that you were exposed to radiation due to testing that was done by the United States government, and you might even know that the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act benefits (RECA) state that you are eligible for compensation if this is the case. You still might not have gone through the process of applying for RECA benefits yet. You might think that y

The Benefits Of Using A Remote EMR Scribe Within Your Medical Office

As a doctor, physician, or another medical provider, you are of course taking copious notes during each appointment with a patient. This information will likely be stored in the patient's records and you also use this information when coding the diagnosis or service provided for the insurance companies. But documenting, coding, and storing all of this data can take up

Signs Of Dementia Showing In An Elderly Adult

Have you noticed a change in your elderly parent's ability to have conversations without having to think about the words they are trying to say? There is a chance that your parent is in the early stages of dementia, which is common for elderly adults. Although dementia is common with age, it is a serious neurological condition that must be treated by a professional. T