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Signs Of Dementia Showing In An Elderly Adult

Have you noticed a change in your elderly parent's ability to have conversations without having to think about the words they are trying to say? There is a chance that your parent is in the early stages of dementia, which is common for elderly adults. Although dementia is common with age, it is a serious neurological condition that must be treated by a professional. T

Pediatric Strep Pharyngitis: Clinical Features And Treatment

Pediatric strep pharyngitis refers to an inflamed sore throat caused by the bacteria known as streptococcus. Because symptoms of bacterial strep pharyngitis can be similar to those of a sore throat caused by a viral infection, a throat culture may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Here are some clinical features of pediatric strep pharyngitis and treatment option

Learn The Signs That Might Indicate Colon Cancer

It is important to make sure to remember that even if you have a few symptoms of colon cancer, there is a chance that they are related to something completely different. However, if you do have the following symptoms, you will want to make sure to make an appointment with your gastrointestinal doctor as soon as possible. This way, no matter what the cause turns out to

When Should You Be Tested for Covid-19?

Covid-19 has been around for some time now and with vaccinations being available to just about everyone, it will eventually, hopefully, begin to fade away. It is here now, however, and even with a vaccine, you can still get this virus. It's imperative that you are tested for the virus if you feel ill, but for some, they may not realize they should be tested, because t

3 Facts About Sleep Apnea

Many people have heard about sleep apnea. While sleep apnea is a very real disorder that negatively affects the lives of many people throughout the country, there is a lot of misinformation being spread about the disorder. False information and misconceptions about sleep apnea have the potential to be very dangerous. These myths could deter someone from seeking treatm