A Guide to Good Health

Nutritional IV Therapy

An infusion of nutrients is introduced during an intravenous (IV) therapy session. This type of therapy can be more beneficial than taking vitamins by mouth. Below are some tips that will familiarize you with your care team and prepare you for your first intravenous session.

A Private Practice Or A Medical Complex 

Nutritional intravenous therapy services may be offered through a private practice or a medical complex that contains several offices. Each provider may feature a series of intravenous products that are each designed to provide distinct benefits. An athlete, for example, may be in search of a therapeutic session that will replenish nutrients that were depleted during an activity. A therapeutic session may provide essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, plus offer hydration benefits.

Since this type of therapy is considered an elective treatment, there will be out-of-pocket costs that a consumer can expect to be responsible for. The cost of an IV bag may be dependent upon the actual nutrient content that will be administered. A service charge will include a fee for the preparation of the IV products and the administration of them. A licensed caregiver will oversee each therapeutic session.

A Care Team And Their Services

A care team is made up of professional medical personnel who have been properly trained to administer the intravenous fluid. A care team will provide details about how the process will work. First, a client will need to fill out an intake form. This form may contain questions about medications that a client is taking, allergies, and any medical provisions that may interfere with an intravenous therapy session.

Once an intravenous session is underway, nutrients are absorbed through the bloodstream. This is the most direct way that an individual can receive nutrients. Vitamin tablets and other oral products take longer to absorb. The slow absorption rate may not make oral products as effective as a person desires. If an individual is going to be active in the near future, they may wish to be at their peak performance level.

A care team may meet with each client who elects to receive services. They may want to know about a person's lifestyle and their objective for choosing a nutritional IV service. A care team may recommend IV products that will provide a client with the types of results that they are seeking. A person who is in good health will typically receive IV therapy services. If someone is under the weather or just feels sluggish, a care team will determine if an IV product will be well-suited for them.

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