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Visiting A New Dispensary? Follow These Tips

Once you visit a dispensary a few times, it becomes a familiar place. The budtenders get to know you and your preferences, and you become familiar with the options the dispensary offers. But what if you plan on visiting a new dispensary — one you've never been to before? Of course you can just walk right in and go with the flow, but it can be helpful to keep these tips in mind.

Check whether they offer in-store shopping.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some dispensaries have stopped offering in-store shopping. Most have gone back to offering it now, but there may still be some dispensaries, particularly in areas of high transmission, that still don't allow customers to linger in the store and shop in person. They may prefer you to place an order online so you can then just pick it up in the store. Check the website of the dispensary you plan on visiting to see whether or not they are following this protocol. You don't want to show up planning to shop, only to find you needed to pre-order online.

Go when you have time to chat.

Assuming the dispensary does have in-person shopping, make sure you visit when you have some extra time to chat. You want to be able to ask the budtender questions without worrying that they'll take up all your time or make you late. You never quite know what information a budtender may have to offer you. They might have a unique strain to tell you about, or they may recommend a whole different type of cannabis product that your old dispensary did not have. Visiting the dispensary when you have plenty of time ensures you can be open to this information and use it to your benefit.

Look around fully before you buy anything. 

It can take a little while to get the hang of the layout at a new dispensary. You don't want to select products before you see everything they have to offer. So, when shopping at a new place, it is best to spend a few minutes touring the store without selecting anything. Just get the lay of the land, and then go back for what you want after you know all your options.

Visiting a new dispensary can be a great adventure! Follow the tips above, and it will be a positive experience they you remember and enjoy. Contact local dispensaries to learn more.