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Why You Need a Physical Therapist for Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is among the most common reasons why many Americans seek medical care. It is estimated that 50 million Americans deal with chronic pain every year. The leading causes of chronic pain include injury or trauma and certain medical conditions, such as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, diabetes mellitus, limb amputation, and fibromyalgia. Sometimes some conditions occur without any injury or illness. If chronic pain affects your quality of life, a physical therapist can help you manage it without using potentially addictive medications or invasive surgery.

Why Do You Need Urgent Treatment?

Chronic pain may affect almost every aspect of your life. Sometimes, you focus too much on alleviating physical aches that you neglect your job and routine activities. If chronic pain is not managed, it leads to the following problems:

Why Should You Try a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapy is considered one of the most effective remedies for long-term pain. Unlike other medical professionals, physical therapists are experts in treating not only pain but also its source.

A physical therapist will help you in the following ways:


Chronic pain interferes with your day-to-day work and affects your ability to relax, concentrate, and enjoy life. If other treatments aren't helping, you should try physical therapy. Unlike other remedies you may have tried, a physical therapist treats and manages pain using non-invasive interventions. For more information, contact a physical therapist, such as Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy, near you to learn more.