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What Surgeries Does A General Surgeon Perform?

A general surgeon performs many tasks. Surgeries play a critical role in keeping people their healthiest. Many surgeries change or save the lives of patients. Patients who undergo surgery can go on to live healthy and happy lives because of the procedures.

Are you unsure if you should see a general surgeon? These are some of the most common surgeries a general surgeon will perform.

Abdominal Surgery

One of the biggest procedures associated with general surgeons relates to abdominal surgery. Abdominal surgery can help with a variety of concerns, including appendicitis and digestive issues. General surgeons are often well versed in laparoscopic techniques so that you don't have major abdominal scars after treatment. This also includes hernia repair. A general surgeon can fix the hernia and correct the visible bulge and other discomfort.

General surgeons also perform surgery to help you deal with acid reflux. They can correct the issue that allows acid to travel up to the throat.

Breast Surgery

Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or not, you may undergo breast surgery. Often, general surgeries are performed to remove benign masses so that you do not have a lump in your breast tissue. In other cases, the surgery removes cancerous tumors as well. In some cases, a surgeon may perform a biopsy to test material found in the breast.

Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is also incredibly common. General surgeons can perform surgery that makes your stomach smaller, for example. This allows you to eat less food and feel full faster so that you can lose weight faster.

Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid issues are diagnosed much more effectively than they were in the past, which means surgery may be much more common these days. If you have had an issue with your thyroid or other hormonal issues, a general surgeon can help address the issue before it worsens.

Soft Tissue Tumor Removal

Additionally, general surgeons can remove soft tissue tumors. These tumors may be benign or cancerous, and removal can help you avoid worsening cancer or growth.

Colon Surgery

Often, general surgeons perform surgery on the colon. This could be the result of a colon cancer diagnosis, or it may be used as a treatment for a condition like diverticulitis.

Consult With a General Surgeon

A general surgeon can help you determine if surgery is ideal in your situation. If you notice serious symptoms, you need to make an appointment with a professional to ensure you are in good hands.