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2 Tips For Maintaining Patient Room Oxygen Gas Outlets

If you work in a hospital or nursing home and are in charge of making sure that the medical equipment stays in optimal condition, part of your job may be to take care of the oxygen outlets in the patients' rooms. While major maintenance may be the responsibility of the supplier, there are a couple of things that you can do to help maintain the oxygen gas outlets on a routine basis.

1.  Clean the Surfaces as Needed With a Compatible Disinfecting Detergent

One thing that you will need to do to keep the oxygen outlets maintained is to clean them as needed. With airborne germs prevalent in medical settings as well as the possibility of bodily fluid contamination, this cleaning should be done at least daily, with cleanings completed more than once a day if the outlets become visibly soiled.

However, you will need to be selective in what type of cleaning agent you use on the outlets. Since oxygen is combustible and will be breathed in by patients, you will need a detergent that is not only compatible with oxygen but that also dries quickly so that a patient does not breathe in the fumes.

Along with being compatible with oxygen, the disinfecting detergent should also be safe for use on the materials from which the outlets are made. Typically, these materials include plastic, zinc, and aluminum alloys, so make sure the cleaner can be used on these types of surfaces.

2.  Apply Lubricant on the Seals Every Few Months If They Appear Dry

Along with regular cleanings, another part of the maintenance routine includes making sure that the seals around the oxygen outlets' nozzles are well lubricated. If these seals dry out, they will not be able to form a tight seal with the oxygen valves and tubes, which would decrease the amount of gas being delivered to the patients.

However, you also do not want to over lubricate the seals since this could contaminate the delivery system itself. Applying just a few drops of silicone lubricant onto the seals every few months or when they appear dry should be enough to keep the seals supple.  

Using the tips above can help you maintain the oxygen outlets in patients rooms and ensure that they are in clean, working condition for when oxygen therapy is needed. For more information on taking care of the outlets and on what products are recommended for them, speak with a representative from the medical gas outlets supply company.