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Along Came A Spider Vein: Treatments For Varicosities That Won't Scare You Away

Varicose veins are for some a right of passage, but to others, they're an embarrassing and intolerable condition. If you fall under the latter category, you'd like to know what you can do about those purple and blue lines popping up all over your legs. Fortunately, there are many varicose vein treatments when a spider vein comes along that won't scare you away:

Home Remedies That May (Or May Not) Help Ease The Appearance Of Varicosities

A physician should diagnose your varicose veins, as, on rare occasions, they can lead to serious side effects like swelling, pain, numbness, and even infection. They're caused by blood collecting in an area of the vein that's simply overwhelmed by pressure, resulting in enlargement and discoloration. Most of the time, varicose veins are not a serious medical problem, and there are therapies you can try on your own, following a medical consultation:

Sometimes, those bulging veins are a fact of life you simply can't remedy on your own; however, if you're interested in resolving them strictly for aesthetic purposes, your insurance probably won't cover the procedure. You might then keep your legs covered with pants or hosiery or try a heavy-duty cosmetic concealer.

What Your Healthcare Provider Will Do For You

Although the final decision is between you and your doctor and will be determined by your individual circumstances, modern medicine offers some fairly quick and painless procedures for spider veins:

Treatments are nearly always conducted in the doctor's office and don't involve heavy sedation, nor do they leave scars in place of the dreaded veins removed. As frightening as foam injections, lasers and heat-zapping may sound, these are all minor feats accomplished relatively easily and in a short amount of time by a trained physician .

Varicose veins are, in fact, a right of passage, especially for those who aren't fighting age every step of the way. If, however, you're not taking any flack from Father Time that you don't absolutely have to, find out what your best options are with your doctor. While some remedies are quick and painless, others are a bit more complicated, but most aren't enough to scare anyone away.