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Spinal Decompression Offers You Immediate Pain Relief That Ultimately Heals Your Lower Back And Associated Disc Problems

Quite often your back pain is caused by injured disc problems. When you have a damaged disc, that injury prevents nutrients and blood flow from reaching the damaged disc. So once blood flow is returned to the area of your pain, you'll be able to heal. Spinal decompression machine technology utilizes a traction force application on specific areas of your spine to increase blood flow at the injured site.

How The Force Works

The traction force slightly separates the discs, which then allow enough space for blood and nutrients to enter the pain zone. While the treatment is taking place, you'll be given several periodic breaks so that you can relax during the course of your treatment.

What happens to cause changes in your discs?

Enough Water For Cushioning At Birth

Your vertebrae were packed with water when you were born. Water within your vertebrae had no shortage of cushioning then. That status made for comfortable and fluid movement. As you age though, fluid can leak out of your joints, which causes flexibility issues. When you place excessive pressure on your spine, your spinal discs stretch and become too thin.

Painful Medical Conditions

You are then apt to develop medical conditions that are quite painful. Sciatica pain and radiating nerve pain along with muscle weakness and atrophy may also occur. Tingling and numbness in your extremities could develop as you battle lower back or neck pain.

Spinal Compression Treatment Helps You

Spinal decompression treatment is a nonsurgical spinal treatment that is delivered as a type of motorized traction. The treatment gently stretches your spine and ultimately changes the position of your spine. Spinal traction takes pressure off injured spinal discs so that herniated disks can retract. That takes pressure off nerves and muscles in your spine. All of these various activities work to help promote the movement of oxygen, nutrient-rich fluids, and water that benefit your discs.

Resemblance To Past Chiropractic Treatment

The procedure is performed on a specially built traction table. There isn't much difference between this now modern treatment from what chiropractors have used in the past. The only difference is that this treatment is delivered with the use of modern computer technology. The goal of today's spinal decompression is to offer you immediate pain relief, which promotes healthy healing of spinal disc conditions.

Your Specific Treatment Protocol

Your specific spinal compression protocol is based upon your body weight and condition. Duration of symptoms and your sensitivity are also taken into consideration for your planned treatment. A harness is fitted around your hips and the other end of the harness is fitted to the end of the table near to your feet. You experience the stretching treatment after the table is activated while your spine is being stretched and relaxed.

For more information about spinal decompression therapy, talk to a chiropractor.