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Signs You Should Have A Session In The Sleep Clinic

A sleep clinic is a medical clinic where you are observed while you sleep. Typically, the doctors will hook you up to a series of monitors that measure your brain activity, respiration rate, heart rate, and other vitals throughout the night while you snooze away. Spending a night in the sleep clinic may sound extreme, but it can be the best way to figure out what's going on if you're having trouble sleeping. So what are some signs you might benefit from a night in the sleep clinic? Take a look.

Extreme Snoring

Most people snore from time to time, and light snoring is usually nothing to worry about. However, if you are snoring heavily and almost constantly while you sleep, you could have a condition such as sleep apnea. There could also be something amiss with your respiratory tract, such as a cancerous tumor in your trachea. At a sleep clinic, your doctor can not only monitor your snoring but also how much oxygen you're actually getting when you sleep — which can help tell them whether the snoring is truly a problem. Usually, for snoring, a sleep study will be used in conjunction with imaging tests to get a good idea of what's going on.

Tiredness During the Day

If you wake up feeling exhausted or if you feel really exhausted throughout the day in spite of having spent the whole night in bed, you may not be entering certain stages of sleep, such as REM. At the sleep clinic, the monitors can tell your doctor what stages of sleep you are in and how much oxygen your brain is getting during sleep. This can shed a light on what's causing your poor sleep quality and allow your doctor to better recommend a medication that can improve your sleep.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Lying awake and tossing and turning for hours is not pleasant. There are many different reasons this could happen. Your brain may not be adept at switching into "sleep mode," or your heart rate might be high due to anxiety. You will likely have trouble falling asleep at the sleep clinic, too, but since you will be hooked up to monitors, your doctor will be able to tell you why. Their findings will allow them to make better recommendations as to how you can call asleep more easily.

Spending a night in the sleep clinic is a good idea for anyone who struggles to get good sleep. Reach out to a doctor near you to learn more.