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How Lymphatic Massages Help Those With Lymphedema After A Removal Of Lymph Nodes

The removal of lymph nodes during lymphatic cancer treatment may seem like a minor setback at first. However, these important parts of the body help to take care of the body's waste and, without enough nodes, the body may end up experiencing some adverse side effects, such as lymphedema. Thankfully, a lymphatic massage can help manage this situation and keep it from getting worse over time.

Lymphedema After Cancer Is Upsetting

Lymph node cancer is a problematic issue because the tumors may spread rapidly from these areas of the body to other regions. As a result, complete removal of these nodes is usually essential when managing this health danger. However, removing these nodes often triggers a problem known as lymphedema, which occurs when the lymph system is damaged or impacted.

Typically, lymphedema causes a buildup of lymph fluid throughout the affected area, typically where the nodes were removed. The painful swelling that this causes may be hard for many people who are recovering from cancer to tolerate. With the pain of their treatment and surgery already impacting their health, swollen arms and legs will only make things worse. As a result, a lymphatic massage may be an essential quality of life care option for those in this position.

How a Lymphatic Massage May Help

Lymphatic massages are exactly what their name implies — a massage of the organs of the lymphatic system. While a person may lose a handful of nodes during treatment, they likely have a handful left in their body after tumor removal. Therapists will identify these nodes and carefully massage them to move this fluid through the body and to keep lymphedema from developing and causing issues.

In some cases, this therapy may be a one-time thing and a person may walk away with no painful side effects. However, those who get a few lymph nodes removed may need periodic massages. That's because their body may not properly adapt to their lack of nodes and may suffer from occasional bursts of lymphedema. And if they do, it is critical to ensure that it doesn't persist for too long because the waste buildup in the body may also cause other side effects and pain.

Thankfully, these massages are done in a gentle way to ensure that a person doesn't experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The individual may feel a slight looseness around the massaged area briefly after treatment but the relief from lymphedema is worth this discomfort.

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