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Overcoming An Addiction As A Couple

Living under the same roof with a partner on a daily basis can lead to conflicts, especially when there are financial issues. However, the problem can be even worse when there are drugs or alcohol involved that interfere with making good decisions. An addiction is difficult to deal with in a relationship and recovery can seem impossible when both partners are users. For example, both partners can act as enablers due to sharing the same or similar addiction. The best way to overcome an addiction as a couple is to seek help from someone who isn't an addict, which can be done by going through a treatment program that is designed for couples.

Couples Counseling Sessions

Tackling the problems that led to a couple being addicts is important when going through treatment. In order to prevent the couple from enabling one another in the future, problems in the relationship must be resolved. For example, if the couple suffered job loss that led to financial problems and constant arguments, they need to figure out a way to regain employment. A counselor is helpful in such a situation because the addiction can prevent the couple from knowing how to take the most simple step towards employment. The counselor will discuss any problems that the couple has been dealing with and set a solid plan for them to get back on track, such as by teaching them to properly communicate with one another.

Individual Addiction Treatment

Even if a couple is suffering from the same addiction, it is important for each of them to receive personalized treatment. The reason why is because there might be deep-rooted problems that each of them is secretly suffering from. For example, one of the partners might be suffering from memories of childhood abuse that they need to heal from. At a couples addiction treatment center, individual plans will be made for each partner to ensure that the fullest extent of recovery is possible. Keep in mind that the administration of drugs, counseling, and various other treatment techniques might be implemented into each partner's treatment plan.

The Possibility of Inpatient Treatment

Depending on the severity of the addiction, inpatient treatment is possible for each partner. There is also the possibility that only one of the partners will need to undergo inpatient treatment, while outpatient is all that is necessary for the other partner. Inpatient treatment basically involves someone living at the treatment facility until they have completed the recovery program.

For more information on addiction treatment for couples, reach out to an addiction treatment center.