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Why Pain Relief Treatment Is Key To A Runner's Whiplash Recovery

Competitive running may not seem like a very dangerous sport. However, runners may fall from time to time and experience many types of injuries. For example, they may get whiplash that causes them to struggle to compete at a high level. Thankfully, pain relief care can help with this danger in many ways.

Slips and Falls May Cause Some Whiplash

Runners put their bodies through unique pressure when they compete. As they run, they experience a broad array of stress in areas that might be surprising, such as the neck. So when they slip and fall, a lot of that force could end up straining or injuring the muscles around the neck. When this happens, a runner is likely not only going to be embarrassed by the fall but in pain from whiplash.

These falls are often more intense because a runner is going as hard as they can to compete and win. Unfortunately, this means that their whiplash may be even worse or much harder to manage. The pain could be intense enough that they have to quit the competition right away and get care. Though they may lose the race, getting immediate pain relief is still a wise choice.

Pain Management Often Varies

Those who have persistent neck pain after a fall need to see a pain management specialist right away. These experts will use a variety of different diagnostic tools to figure out what is wrong. For example, they can quickly decide if a person has whiplash on one side of the neck or the other. Then, they can figure out if it is whiplash or if there are other underlying problems associated with this issue.

For example, a person may have crushed one of their spinal segments in a fall, which needs immediate care and assessment. Typically, pain relief starts out with the least powerful type. For neck pain, a person may receive powerful Aspirin or other similar medications. These can help minimize pain while a person learns to walk and compete again with this injury. Runners in particular need to be careful to keep their necks straight to avoid injury.

After this type of fall, it is important for people to not only get pain relief but to avoid falling again. Pain therapists can help here by minimizing a person's suffering and making it easier for them to focus. Whiplash is, thankfully, a temporary problem but may lead to more serious issues if pain management is ignored, particularly if one wants to compete again.

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