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The Many Uses Of Botox

You may have heard of Botox as a treatment for wrinkles or, even more specifically, a treatment for the crow's feet that appear to the sides of the eyes as people age. This is certainly one good use of the injections. However, it is not the only way Botox can be used. Here are a few other ways that cosmetic surgeons and other doctors have been using Botox.

To Treat Lazy Eye

If you suffer from lazy eye, a condition in which the muscles in one eye are not overly effective in helping that eye to focus, you might feel self-conscious about your condition. There are surgical ways to alleviate lazy eye, but going under the knife can be risky and intimidating. Botox injections are a non-surgical alternative. The active ingredient in the injections basically "paralyzes" the muscles in the contracted position, helping your eye to remain focused. You will need repeat injections every few months, but the procedure is still far less invasive than surgery.

To Manage Cervical Dystonia

If you have trouble with involuntary muscle contractions causing your head and neck to suddenly twist to the side, you might have a condition called cervical dystonia. As with lazy eye, injecting the affected muscles with Botox can help keep them from contracting at random. Some patients only need a few injections before their cervical dystonia fades away completely. Others need injections for the rest of their lives to keep the symptoms under control.

To Reduce Sweating

Overactive sweat glands can make your life miserable. In a social setting, having your hands or face drip with sweat can make you really self-conscious and also physically uncomfortable. Botox injections can keep the tiny muscles around your sweat glands contracted enough that they're unable to over-secrete. You can have the injections in any area that you find is overly sweaty. This will keep you from having to apply layer after layer of antiperspirant every day.

To Prevent Migraines

Are you tired of migraine treatments that only kick in once you're actually developing a migraine? In addition to all of its cosmetic uses, as outlined above, Botox can also be used to prevent migraines. It is typically injected into the muscles at the back of the neck and in the forehead. You will need numerous small injections, and they will only last about three months — but it's a relief that is often unmatched by other migraine remedies. 

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