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Long-Distance Runners With Broken Noses May Want Rhinoplastic Surgery

Long-distance running is as much about controlling breath and breathing rates as it is having strong leg muscles and sustained running ability. Unfortunately, a broken nose as a child can impact a runner's development and their ability to compete at a high level in adulthood. Thankfully, a medical professional can help them get the straighter nose that they need to breathe easily and become the competitive champion that they want to be on the track.

Broken Noses Cause Breathing Troubles

When a person breaks their nose as a child, they may end up suffering from problems later in life that affect their potential athletic career. For example, a broken nose may not set properly and heal into a crooked state that makes breathing difficult. These breathing difficulties could make it hard to control breath during athletic performances, particularly those intense moments of sprints.

A competitive, long-distance runner needs to manage their breath by breathing slowly in and out through their nose and mouth. Without a clear passageway through their nose, this process is going to be harder and, for some people, could even be impossible. Therefore, it is critical for them to get this issue treated later in life, particularly through surgical methods like rhinoplasty. Doing so may save their athletic career.

How Rhinoplasty Helps

Though plastic surgery methods like rhinoplasty are not typically recommended for children or teens who have broken their nose, they can be useful for adults with this aesthetic problem. Rhinoplastic surgeons will examine the state of a person's nose, examine how they can straighten it out, and provide surgical help to make their breathing passageways free of obstruction and easier to use properly.

For runners who have breathed through a broken nose their whole life, this change can be liberating. Instead of struggling to control their breath or adapting to run even with a broken nose, they can breathe smoothly and easily. In this way, they are more likely to compete at a high level and may end up winning competitions and meets that help their career succeed even more. 

Anybody interested in rhinoplasty should talk to their general care physician to decide if this surgical method is right for them. Then, they need to talk to a plastic surgeon to learn more about how this process will operate. 

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