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Hearing Aids And Technology

Many individuals have a degree of hearing loss. A hearing device can help. These devices are highly specialized, with equally specialized batteries.

Hearing Assistance Devices Run on Highly Specialized Types of Batteries That Are Still Available at Many Retail Establishments

When hearing devices lose power, people won't be able to replace their existing batteries with just any battery. These devices have a very specialized shape, and most batteries were just not designed to be compatible with them. The batteries are in the zinc-air category, so they still use familiar technology.

More importantly, these sorts of batteries also have more than one size, so people who have many different pieces of hearing assistance technology will still be able to find a battery that fits. Patients might be worried that batteries that are this unique will be difficult to locate, but this is fortunately not the case.

Almost any pharmacy should have replacement batteries for all hearing device sizes. The majority of grocery chains should also have them. Department stores may not have the same selection as some pharmacies, but there should be some batteries like these. People who wear a couple of hearing assistance devices may find themselves having to replace the batteries more often, but they should still be close to a retailer that distributes them.

Many Patients Will Benefit from Wearing Hearing Assistance Devices in Both of Their Ears

Some people will only have a relatively minor amount of hearing loss in their left or right ears. However, for other people, that level of hearing loss will occur on both sides. These individuals should consider the possibility of adding an aid to each of their ears in order to really get all of the advantages of this technology.

They'll be able to get a sense of where sounds are coming from more effectively with a hearing aid for each ear. Some specific environments are still loud enough that people who have a single hearing device can struggle, especially if those areas are full of unique sounds. A stronger hearing device might help, but a regular hearing device for each ear might make for a more effective setup for many patients. However, adjusting to having more than a single aiding device might be somewhat more challenging. 

Patients Can Do Things to Get Used to Hearing Devices

Adjusting to a hearing aid can be difficult, but there are some strategies to combat this. Some people will find that wearing the device occasionally will help. Other people will start with a milder device first.

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