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How To Attack Your Erectile Dysfunction Issues By Visiting An ED Clinic

Erectile dysfunction is affecting many more and more -- and at younger ages. In fact, some 5 percent of men 40 and under are dealing with it. This is a condition that is not just a hindrance to your sex life, but it can also throw your mental health and sense of confidence through the wringer. 

In order to get to the root of this issue, consider the points below. 

Go to an ED clinic to get checked out and receive a proper diagnosis

It's up to you to get a diagnosis first and foremost so that you know you actually have erectile dysfunction. This is such a multi-faceted issue and one that could come down to a number of root causes and concerns. As such, you should get the help of a professional to make sure that you are really getting to the bottom of it. 

After getting a diagnosis, ask your physician to also run a battery of other tests. You can get blood drawn so that you can measure your cholesterol levels, testosterone levels, and other issues, in addition to matters like blood pressure. Failure to get erections typically happens due to mental blocks or heart issues. 

When you have mental blocks, it is typically related to sexual trauma or issues of shame or pressure that are creating performance anxiety. If your ED is heart-related, it means that you aren't getting enough blood flow to your genitals to maintain a healthy erection. 

Regardless of where your root cause lies, you will need to look into some treatment options that matter.  

Find the treatments that work best for you

After you talk to a couple of different physicians, you should come away with some great treatment options. The ED clinic will offer you some prescription options, and could also help you out with some lifestyle changes. 

A lot of men are finding that a plant-based diet gives them better blood flow, which leads to less of a problem getting and keeping erections. This dietary change, when matched with some exercise to also get the blood flowing, will allow you to really enjoy healthier and more engorged erections. 

Make sure that you are also learning to embrace your sexuality so that you don't have mental blocks that are getting you down. Do all the research that you can into this issue and touch base with an ED clinic that can help you.