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Afraid Of Allergic Reactions In South Africa? Get A Patch Test

South Africa is a fascinating country with many unique historical elements that make it a favorite tourist destination for many people. However, there are many allergens here, such as shellfish, that may not be available in a traveler's home country. As a result, it is important to go through a patch test before the trip to make sure that any dangers not present there are caught before traveling to a new area. 

Allergens May Vary in Some Areas 

When traveling overseas, people may end up finding that they are exposed to items that they may not have experienced before and which cause allergic reactions. For example, people traveling to South Africa or similar areas may end up eating a food such as molluscan shellfish, a food they've never tried, only to have an allergic reaction. This issue can be very serious for those who experience it. 

For example, an unknown allergy could trigger a variety of health problems, such as breathing issues and more, that make life more difficult. Even worse, a person may end up having to stay in a hospital instead of enjoying their vacation, which can take the joy out of their life. As a result, it is critical to fully understand the range of allergens in South Africa by getting a patch test done before the trip.

How a Patch Test Helps 

A patch test places a small amount of a potentially allergic material on a person's skin. The allergist then gauges how the person reacts to it to see if they are allergic. The person getting the test is never exposed to enough of the allergen to be dangerous and do not inhale or ingest it. As a result, anybody traveling to South Africa can gauge if they have an allergy to a molluscan shellfish, whether raw or cooked.

Just as importantly, they can go through a whole litany of tests that gauge other possible allergic items in South Africa. They can also get help with treatment options should they experience a reaction, such as inhalers that stop breathing problems or creams to manage skin irritation. Such treatments may be hard to find overseas or may not be available without some kind of traveler's insurance option. 

Therefore, anybody traveling to South Africa for a trip should get a patch test done right away to spot an allergy to shellfish. Just as importantly, anybody traveling to a part of the world where they have never been before should also get this type of test to stay on top of potential allergens.