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What Are The Benefits Of Utilizing A Mckenzie Method Physical Therapy Provider?

If you have sustained an injury or have chronic pain, physical therapy may be used to increase your range of motion, strengthen the weakened area, and/or manage the pain symptoms that you are experiencing. There are many different methods of physical therapy, including the McKenzie method. With the McKenzie method, a physical therapy program is tailored to you, and then you are taught exercises and stretches that you can do on your own. Here are a few of the benefits of using a physical therapy provider who uses the McKenzie method.

McKenzie Method Physical Therapy is Tailored to You

One of the benefits associated with utilizing a McKenzie physical therapy provider is that this type of program is tailored to you. Many physical therapy programs are tailored toward the injuries you sustained or the type of pain you are suffering from. However, what works for one person may not work for another. A physical therapist will work with you to determine what motions and movements cause you pain, and then put together a stretching and exercising regime that helps to strengthen, stretch, and slowly work out that area. This reduces pain, increases strength, and improves healing.

You Learn How to Do the Exercises, Movements, or Motions on Your Own

Another benefit associated with the McKenzie method for physical therapy is that you learn how to do the exercises, movements, and motions on your own. Being able to do everything on your own allows you to stretch or move when you are experiencing spasms, pain, or symptoms. Many people find moving helps to decrease pain and helps symptoms to subside, so being able to do everything on your own allows you to use these exercises to control pain.

You Are Not Attending Multiple Physical Therapy Appointments

The final benefit to the McKenzie method of physical therapy is that you are not attending multiple physical therapy appointments. With regular physical therapy, you are attending appointments three or four times a week. With the McKenzie method, you only meet with a therapist maybe once a month to add in new exercises or change up the routine as you heal and strengthen your body. This means you do not have to spend time at appointments, or driving back and forth to and from appointments.

Not every physical therapy provider offers the same physical therapy techniques and methods. There are many benefits associated with using the McKenzie method to overcome injuries or chronic pain that you are working to heal from or provide relief from. If you feel this form of physical therapy will be beneficial for you, contact a McKenzie method physical therapy provider in your area to learn how to get started.