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3 Reasons To Consider Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

If you're struggling with substance abuse and want to make some changes in your life, you've probably given serious thought to entering a rehabilitation facility. However, like many people, this option may not be workable for you for a variety of reasons. That doesn't mean you can't get help for substance abuse issues, though — outpatient therapy is a viable option for many people and may even work better than its traditional inpatient counterpart. Most people simply can't put their lives on hold for several months in order to live in a rehab facility. Following are just three of the many benefits of opting for outpatient substance abuse therapy. 

You'll Keep Your Job

One of the biggest — and most understandable — concerns of those considering inpatient therapy is that they'll lose their job. Unless you're working at a white-collar job with loads of benefits such as paid leaves of absences, you run the risk of being replaced if you take a couple of months off for rehab. Even if your employer agrees to hold your job for you, it's not likely that you'll be paid for the time you take off. Being able to keep your job will help keep your life stable while you confront your addiction. 

You'll Keep Your Family Intact

Another roadblock to inpatient rehab is that your family may not be able to stay intact while you're gone. For instance, if you're the primary caregiver of children, they may have to go stay with relatives or friends. Many children find this sort of thing very disruptive even if they love the other people involved, especially if they have to switch schools and neighborhoods. 

You'll Build a Local Social Network 

Those who go to inpatient rehab facilities often report struggling to retain sobriety after they return home because they haven't replaced their social network with people who support their decision to live a substance-free life.  Unfortunately, you'll probably have to leave your old social network behind if substance abuse is a part of their particular community dynamic — and in some cases, old friends may constantly try to tempt you into using drugs or drinking alcohol again. 

Opting for outpatient therapy provides the ability to form connections and friendships that can serve as a local social network that provides the support you need while you find your footing on your new path in life.

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