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This Is Why Learning Pilates At Home Is A Futile Process

Trying to start a pilates habit at home when you've never done it before sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately, it can cause a lot of problems. If you've never done pilates and want to start, you're best off taking a class with a private instructor that will give you the hands-on attention that you need in order to do pilates. Here's why.


One of the things that your instructor can do for you is to ensure that you're using the right form while practicing pilates. With pilates, like yoga, it's very important for your body to be in the right place when going through the motions. If you hold your body wrong, not only will you not get the full extension and strengthening effect, but you could have other problems, too.


Like any exercise program, it's possible to get hurt while you're trying to practice pilates alone. This is usually due to a combination of bad form and trying to do new things too soon, when your body isn't strong enough for it yet.

Getting a class from an instructor will prevent this from happening to you in two ways. The first is that they'll be teaching you form right in front of you and can correct yours if you're not in the right pose or position. The other way is that they'll be there to help you while you're still wobbly and unsteady on your feet, which will greatly reduce the risk of falling and getting yourself hurt.


Lastly, pilates is tough. It may look graceful and elegant, but it belies its true nature of being an absolutely exhausting form of exercise when you do enough of it. So, if you want to try pilates, it's best to get an instructor to help keep you honest and motivated.

With pilates, like any exercise, over time you'll find that your body grows stronger and you'll be able to do more on a daily session. But at first, you may find it difficult to stay motivated, as your body will be sore and you'll be tired. By having an instructor, you not only have a person there to help keep you motivated, but you'll be investing some money in it too, which is often a good motivation for some people.

Pilates can give you an amazing looking body and incredible strength if you do it often enough and do it right. Before trying to teach yourself, consider hiring a pro to at least teach you the basics so that you can get the form and core strength that you need to proceed in pilates.

To learn more about pilates, contact an instructor that offers private pilates lessons in your area.