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2 Ways To Take CBD Oil Orally To Help With Your Anxiety

If you have struggled with anxiety most of your life, you may have already tried various methods and medications to relieve your symptoms. As part of your search for relief, someone may have recommended that you try CBD oil. However, you may be uncertain as to how to take a dose orally to coincide with the type of symptoms or onset of your anxiety that you may experience from time to time. Below are a couple of suggestions on taking CBD oil to help with your anxiety.

1.  Place a Few Drops under Your Tongue for Faster Results

One way to take CBD oil is to place a few drops under your tongue. This method is usually helpful for when you have a sudden onset of your anxiety symptoms, such as in the immediate prelude to a panic attack.

Because the mucous membrane under the tongue is thinner than your skin, the blood vessels and capillaries are more readily accessible. When you place drops of the oil under your tongue, it is absorbed faster through the membrane and enters your bloodstream to give you quicker relief.

Hopefully, you will then start to feel its calming effects within minutes of giving yourself the recommended dosage. 

2.  Mix a Dose of the Oil in Your Drink for Slower Absorption

Another method of consuming CBD oil to help you control your anxiety symptoms is to mix a dose in your favorite drink. This method has a slower rate of absorption and onset than placing it directly under your tongue.

When you actually consume the oil, it goes through the process of digestion, which will cause a slow release of the oil's properties into your bloodstream. Instead of almost instant results, it may take an hour to several hours to feel the effects of the CBD oil.

Especially if you want to keep your symptoms at bay longer and typically do not have acute attacks, the slower absorption can be beneficial with its sustained effects. You can put the recommended dosage in your coffee, a smoothie, or any other beverage you enjoy in the morning.

Along with the above methods of taking CBD oil, there are also other ways, including foods and gummies, that you can take it orally to help treat your anxiety. Speak with the company or service that offers CBD oil products for suggestions as well as further advice on taking them.